#39. Riverside Park – North

Riverside Park was our first stop on Saturday afternoon. We started at Riverside North, near Park Villa.  

Park Villa is a beautiful shelter that you can rent.  I’ve been to a few parties there and it’s where Weston’s Pre-K graduation was held. It’s perfect for gatherings! It was built in 1912, and much of the architectural details remain.

I don’t think I’ve ever said that a bathroom was beautiful, but the one behind Park Villa is pretty cool (from the outside anyway).  


  • Picnic Tables
  • Shelter
  • Pond
  • Bathrooms: Yes

Mom Tips: The water is pretty tempting to little ones. I loved the humor in the “don’t get in the water” message. It’s a picturesque park; so much so there was a bride getting her portraits taken near the pond as we were leaving. I think it’d be perfect for family photos!

Kid Tips: Sully loved throwing sticks and flowers in the pond while Weston tried to craft a boat out of leaves and sticks.  Sully warns: “watch out for goose poops. There’s a lot!”

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