#62. Schweiter Park

Schweiter Park, located at Lincoln and Hillside, is a perfect little park in southeast Wichita.  

It has newer basketball and tennis courts, a great playground and lots of room to run. Plus the park is on a nice, walkable square. We noticed a bunch of power walkers and dog walkers here taking advantage of this beautiful late-morning weather. 

Schweiter Park is one of the locations local children can receive free lunches. When we arrived at the park, we saw Wichita Public Schools was set up at the gazebo serving hot lunch. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, kids under 18 can get a free hot meal and Tuesdays and Thursdays they can get a free sack lunch. It was neat to see such a great program at work!  


  • Playground Base: Sand
  • Slides
  • Swings
  • Bathrooms: None
  • Water Fountains: Yes!
  • Basketball Court
  • Baseball Diamond
  • Tennis Court
  • Gazebo/Shelter

Mom Tips: This was a great park! We were impressed with the quality of the basketball court and the variety of equipment.  

Kid Tips: Weston loved the friendliness of the kids at this park, and the cool rope “funnel.” Sully got a big kick out of the double teeter totter.

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