On the Road: OKC Botanical Gardens – Children’s Garden

We traveled to Oklahoma City this weekend and were told we just HAD to visit their acclaimed Children's Garden and playground. We are so glad we did!  They have a children's garden with a playground, amphitheater, botanical garden (which is FREE), a tropical rain-forest (Crystal Bridge – admission fee does apply to this), a dog park, TWO splash pads, and pop-up restaurants on site.  We were only there a short time, so I know we probably missed something.

We started with the more interactive of the two splash pads.  This one was a masterpiece of mosaic and steel, which had multiple spray settings.  Thunder sounds would play and water would rain down from the beams.   Water would also spray up from the beautiful mosaic sunflowers on the ground, and then steam would flow and carpet the entire area in delightfully refreshing mist.

The children's garden was located near the interactive splash pad, and had a lovely lush tunnel entrance.  This area featured a childhood favorite book: Very Hungry Caterpillar, by Eric Carle.  You could walk through the book and "munch" on all of the things the very hungry caterpillar ate!

After following the caterpillar's trail, we looked at the actual children's garden section.  We found some gnomes! ((Rolling with my gnomies….))

There were plants everywhere and even this cool philodendron dome:

A little shack was at the end of a maze, and it had a surprise musical floor!


  • Playground Base: Rubber/Turf
  • Splash Pads – – TWO!
  • Picnic Tables
  • On Site Restaurants
  • Dog Park
  • Amphitheater
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Crystal Bridge ($)

Mom Tips: Come and spend a whole day!  We didn't have much time, so I feel like we missed a lot.  Next time we're going to hit the Crystal Bridge and maybe one of their pop-up restaurants.  I'm so glad some friends insisted that we check this place out… how very cool!

Kid Tips: The kids did not want to leave. They would have played all day if we would have let them!  The splash pad was their very favorite, and they loved trying to guess what the fountain was going to do next (rain, mist, squirt, etc).

To find out more about the Myriad Botanical Gardens, visit their website:

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