#108. Towne Park

This park was hidden back in a southeast Wichita neighborhood (2907 S. West Parkway) and totally made the kids' day!  It was another one where the entrance was between two houses, and makes you feel kind of like you're trespassing.  But you come around that corner, and a playground opens up in front of you. … More #108. Towne Park

#106. Stearman Park

  This park in Planeview was probably the most-trashed park we've seen so far.  It looks like folks were using the single park trash can for their personal trash and it had spilled out everywhere.  And then whoever mowed the grass, mowed over trash that had fallen, so there were tiny bits strewn all over. … More #106. Stearman Park

#105. Henry Park

Did you know there were two parks named after Henry Schweiter in Wichita?  Schweiter Park, which was our 62nd park, and Henry Park were both named in honor of the 1870s developer who owned large amounts of land in southeast Wichita.  Features: Playground Base: Sand Swings Slides Picnic Table Bathrooms: None Mom Tips:  This park … More #105. Henry Park

#84. Skyline Park

You can see Skyline Park from Kellogg, near the east-bound Washington Street exit.  It’s on Orme and Kellogg, and you can see the Wichita skyline when on the equipment. Features: Playground Base: Rubber Slide Picnic Table Park Benches Teeter totter Bathroom: None Mom Tips:  This is one of those instances that I’m glad the kids … More #84. Skyline Park