#97. Edgemoor Park

Edgemoor Park was one of the parks I spent my summers at growing up.  The pool was always popular and the playground consisted of an amazing wood structure.  I wish we had pictures of how it was before the new playground – it was amazing. Features: Playground Base: Picnic Tables Rec Center Tennis Courts Basketball … More #97. Edgemoor Park

#92. Westlink Park

Westlink Park, located in the neighborhood behind Peterson Elementary School (near Central and Westlink), features the super-cool Viking ship that the kids both love. Lincoln Park had one too, but this one is a bit different. Features: Playground Base: Sand Slide Paved Walking Trail Bathrooms: None Mom Tips: This park is fun, but there's not … More #92. Westlink Park

#84. Skyline Park

You can see Skyline Park from Kellogg, near the east-bound Washington Street exit.  It’s on Orme and Kellogg, and you can see the Wichita skyline when on the equipment. Features: Playground Base: Rubber Slide Picnic Table Park Benches Teeter totter Bathroom: None Mom Tips:  This is one of those instances that I’m glad the kids … More #84. Skyline Park

#73. Murdock Park

We would often see this park from the Canal Route and think about going there. I wish we would have visited sooner! This park is beautiful and shady and a perfect way to end a hot summer night. The park is filled with mature trees, great for climbing. It has a fun playground and probably … More #73. Murdock Park