County # 2: Finney

Our second Kansas county on our county quest was Finney County. Garden City is located in Finney and has loads of fun things to do. We first hit Finnup Park and were delighted to see an old rocketship, similar to the one in Wichita’s Riverside Park, still in operation. The boys were so excited to … More County # 2: Finney

County #1: Ford

We decided to hit Dodge City in Ford County for our first county. Long Branch Lagoon, a cute and inexpensive western-themed waterpark was the draw for us. It was only $24 for all four of us to go all day! So much fun and operated by the Dodge City Parks and Recreation department. Next to … More County #1: Ford

Our New Quest

We just couldn’t sit still! We have decided that we are going to visit a park in EVERY county in Kansas!! We are Kansas Explorers – inspired by the amazing Kansas Sampler Foundation. They have come out with some great Kansas guide books. We snagged our new version at the Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical Museum gift … More Our New Quest

#126. College Hill Park

College Hill Park is our neighborhood park, and a delightful final spot for this adventure. Features: Playground Base: Sand Merry-Go-Round Swings Slides Pool Bathroom (near pool area) The pool is probably the nicest community pool in Wichita, and it was busy the evening we went.  The big difference we noticed, was that this was the … More #126. College Hill Park

#124. Chapin Park

Chapin Park is situated on an old landfill, and you can’t tell.  It’s beautiful!  There’s a dog park at Chapin named after Wichita’s first canine firefighter, Ashley.  According to the Wichita Parks and Rec site, “Ashley worked on 161 fire scenes and her work resulted in 33 felony arrests for arson, aggravated arson and homicide.” … More #124. Chapin Park

#122. Swanson Park

Swanson Park is located near the corner of Central and Maize.  The parking lot for the park is on Maize, north of the shopping center on that corner.  The park is a beautiful oasis, with nature trails and is a Wichita Wild Habitat Area. There’s signage at the start of the path that is a … More #122. Swanson Park

The End is Near

We have just a few more parks our list! This has been such a wonderful adventure ! We’ve met some great people, found some hidden Wichita gems and most importantly, spent time together! I hope the boys look back at this summer with fond memories… I know I will! Sunday we’re celebrating our final park: … More The End is Near

#121. Sim Park

Sim Park is a huge park located at 2020 West Murdock, in the Riverside neighborhood.  We knew that Sim Park Municipal Golf Course was part of the park, but until I was researching this park for the post, we had no idea that Botanica and Cowtown Museum are part of Sim Park.  We will visit … More #121. Sim Park